Our mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth now by building people, products and services that empower individuals and local communities. Here are few of the projects we're working on– come join us!

Eden: Alternate Reality Experience

Eden is an immersive real-life game-- think Pokemon Go -- that lets people explore their neighborhood and meet new people. We're helping people re-imagine a world before the fall.

Scoot Scoot: Electric Rental & Repair

Electric scooters empower people to get where the need to go-- on a budget and with some style.


Uberlean is a new direct-to-consumer company providing peptides and other cutting edge nutritional supplements to bring your body to peak operating form.


Eggbot is our automated chicken coop-- solar powered, self-moving, and self-feeding, you can raise 350 chickens in style-- without lifting a finger.

Mighty Stream: Freedom to Stream

Mighty Stream is an open source, P2P, blockchain powered media streaming service that let's people access content living under censored and totalitarian regimes.

Lit: Shave Ice for Life

On a hot summer day in Texas we all need a little break-- our new zero carb shave ice cones will get you LIT.

Creators: AI Cafe

We're bring AI to the people! Create and collaborte with friends-- then print your design on your favorite t-shirt or hat before you leave!

The Post: Alternative Journalism

We're reimaginging local journalism using the latest AI tools to bring an alternative to the mainstream perspective.