Life at Kil Haus

Life at Kil Haus

The Kil Haus is named after John Kilian, the Lutheran minister and Wendish visionary who first established and built our community.

John Kilian AI Render

JesusMansion men live and work together in Kil Haus where we work on building our lives on five key pillars.

1. Developing a Biblical Worldview

The bible is true. Jesus is king. We live in a grand story written by God and we get to share in writing the story together. We read the bible, good books, and discuss how we can shape our lives and work as part of God's grand story.

2. Always Be Creating. ABC.

There are two kinds of men in the world: consoomer and creators. Consoomers are passive and allow new technology to be imposed on them. Creators harness and direct new technology to further God's Kingdom on earth.

3. Physical Fitness

Being physically fit is a core part of being a man. Each man has personalized goals to help them become a peak physical specimen.

4. Sex & Biblical Masculinity

We live in pornified world where masculinity is shamed and weakness is glorified. We want every man to be in control of his sexuality and transmute that energy into effective work for God's kingdom.

5. Technology & Addiction

Technology and with it loneliness has come to dominate modern life. Most of us are addicts of one kind or another. Through following God and occasionally roasting each other we want to rule over ourselves and our environment rather than being ruled by them.